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By C. H. Whiteley

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By C. H. Whiteley

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It really claims to be able to imagine the events which take place in the interior of the atom but beyond doubt there are such events, and their effects outside the It is not important whether we can atom are discernible. of mind and body in the way in which interaction the imagine we can imagine a collision between two billiard-balls. What is important is whether we have good reason to believe that Nobody nowadays ; this interaction takes place. It is true that there have been philosophers who mainmust resemble its effect but it is not.

The transfer of stimulation from a group of afferent nerves to a group of efferent nerves whose combined action forms the total response of the organism to this complex of stimuli ? If this is so, then we can understand why the conscious responses of the organism (those associated with the state of the brain) are so much more elaborate than those performed reflexly through the spinal cord without the accompaniment of consciousness ; for they correspond to a An 48 Introduction to Metaphysics The connection of nerve-paths.

Repressed The conscious thoughts and feelings which seem to be our motives are only masks assumed by the real agents, which are hidden from view. It seems that introspection is not to be trusted, even as regards causal relations within the mind itself. The way is therefore open for another interpretation of the sequence of events. 28. this. MIND AND BRAIN THE EPIPHENOMENALIST THEORY The alternative suggested by the epiphenomenalist is The brain, being a physical object, is linked by ordinary physical relations with the rest of the body, and so more remotely with the rest of the physical world, and these relations determine its behaviour.

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