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By Lester Sumrall; World Harvest School of Continuous Learning

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By Lester Sumrall; World Harvest School of Continuous Learning

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I have lost three or four television stations to give somebody else first choice! Faith is giving to others. Unbelief is selfish. Unbelief is always choosing the best for self. " Faith was believing for an heir, a world saviour. Abraham's faith continued under seige after he arrived at the place where God wanted him. A lot of people cannot accept that. They say, "I am what God wants me to be, and I do what God wants me to do. " That is the end of their faith. Abraham journeyed to the promised land and his faith was still under siege.

No. " "Yes, it looks like a skull. Look on top, Lord, It looks like two trees crossing each other. I see people on them. " They knew nothing about crucifixion in his day. " "Look real close at the one in the middle, Abraham. " (John 8:56). Abraham saw why he had to take his son to Mt. Moriah. Jesus could not die anywhere except Jerusalem because Abraham had been there with his son when he looked 1500 to 1800 years into the future and saw the Son of God die for the whole world, in a means of death not known at that time.

Whole denominations miss God because they cannot hear what He has to say. Many preachers of large congregations cannot hear when God wants to move them into a deeper way of life, and they have missed what God is doing in their generation. Nobody is claiming that it is easy to hear God. Jesus said that there were those who had ears, but did not hear. I can assure you that there are millions of so-called Christians who do not know the voice of God at all. They have believed upon Him, but they have never heard Him speak where they can identify that God spoke to them.

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