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By Patterson

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Autacoid. autaat, adv. as much, as many, as far. — . . —, as much . . so much. — de, so much, so many. — que, as much, as many as; as far as, in so far as. — . . que, as . . as. d'—, by as much, to the same extent. d'— moins, the less so, ail the less. d'— plus, the more so, ail the more, d'— plus (or moins) que, ail the more (or less) as, so much the more (or less) because. d'— que, in as much as, since, as ; as far as. autel, m. ) Ara, the Altar. , author; authority. authentique, a. authentic /.

Annales de chimie. anguille, /. eel. Ann. chim. , abbrev. Annales de anguillule, /. eelworm. chimie et de physique. angulaire, a. angular; corner. angulairement, adv. angularly. anneau, m. ring ; link, hoop, band, collar, (circular) rim, (ring-shaped) handle ; loop ; angularité, /. angularity. ) ring armature. angulé, a. angular, angulated. à —, with ring, ringed. — à cylindre, cyanguleux, a. angular, many-angled. lindrical shell. — à vis, eye screw. — angusture, /. angustura bark, anguatura. benzénique, — benzolique, benzène ring.

Assault, attack. assèchement, m. drainage, dewatering. t. drain, dewater. r. drain ; dry up. asse-fétide, n. asafetida. assemblage, m. ) connection, joining up ; (Masonry) bond ; collection, assortment, set. — à manchon, sleeve joint. — à vis, sexew coupling, screw joint. — douille, socket joint. ) connection in parallel. ) connection in séries. ) connection in Beries and parallel. assemblée, /. assembly; meeting. t. r. assemble, meet. assentiment, m. assent, consent. i. assent. t. seat; set, put, place; found, base.

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