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You cannot be saved and the rest left. You must want joy for all not just for yourself. The exact same joy, want it whole-heartedly for all. To want joy for yourself is unreal, off the track and untrue. It is just as unreal to think you give joy to others. Each has its own joy. Joy is life. You cannot give life. You can want them to have it, that is as much as you can do. Joy is Perception. Perception, reception and response are all the same. Sometimes we perceive, sometimes we receive and sometimes we respond but it is all the same.

They are playing and they know it. uS Children make a perfect response to life. They see everything as beautiful and perfect, often telling their parents how beautiful and wonderful they are. Children always love their parents with perfect love regardless of what the parents are like. They have to learn to bear frustration which makes them seem unhappy at times. Living without sufficient inspiration which is the incentive to life we tend to forget the perfect response we made as children and we become more and more blind.

It means that we cannot go on. We cannot make another move. Everything that we thought we could do we have done without result. We even give up all hope of getting the work and perhaps even the desire to have it. But we still go on without hope or desire or dreams or anything. Just going on with almost no memory of having done anything. Then it is not us. ~ Then it is not I. Then it is not conditioned response. Then there is some hope of a hint of perfection. Without hope there is hope. And without desire there is hope.

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